Vanessa Riki is a freelance photojournalist with a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has five years’ experience in journalism and 10 years’ in engineering. She has been working in both Finland and abroad. The focus of her camera has always been on people, society, infrastructure, culture and environment.

Heli Pekkonen is a documentarist, cinematographer and a social scientist who has alongside with her work in moving image and media specialized in peace, conflict and development -related issues in Finland and abroad.

Veera Vehkasalo is a journalist with a background in social & cultural anthropology. Living mostly in Helsinki, working especially on sustainable development & human rights.

Hanne Mari Tarvonen is a journalist Hanne-Mari Tarvonen is a journalist and a photographer with the passion for larger-than-life stories, different cultures and travel. She has studied journalism, foreign politics and media culture and worked for the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE and for the biggest daily newspaper of Scandinavia, Helsingin Sanomat. She likes to take big projects that deal with human rights issues, environment and wellbeing. Her travels have taken her chasing stories in different parts of Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

Nina Jaatinen is a journalist, with an educational background in cultural anthropology and East Asian studies (M.Soc.Sc),  She has been living and working for 10 years in China as a freelance foreign correspondent.