Crisis and Environment crowdfunding campaign – We are collecting funds to be able to continue the project

Now we need your help so we can continue this work. Support the Crisis and Environment project so we can tell the world about the environmental impacts of conflicts and possible solutions.
Join us in finding out how we can better prevent and anticipate crises related to the environment and discover solutions to overcome them. 
With the help of additional funding, we will travel to Syria, Iraq or other countries related to our research. The final destinations will be decided depending on the amount of funding we raise. The photographic, video, text and sound material collected from these trips will be used to create publications on the project’s website, exhibitions and multiple articles for the Finnish and international media. 
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crisisandenvironment crisis and environment crisis&environment


We started the project in 2017. Our team has travelled to Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Lebanon. Using multiple communication channels, we wanted to raise awareness about the crises related to water and the environment at large, and the impacts they have. It is widely documented that the well-being of people and the environment are strongly linked. 

 In this project we look into the challenges on the environment, and therefore also into human well-being, caused by the Syrian war and the consequent large number of people fleeing internally displaced in Syria and also fleeing to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Turkey and Greece.


Major challenges on the environment caused by the crisis include: stress on groundwater resources, an increase in water consumption and amounts of wastewater, huge increases in the generation of waste, degradation of soil and grazing lands, challenges on land use, biodiversity loss and increased air pollution.


crisisandenvironment crisis and environment crisis&environment

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Cooperation partner with our project is Lilith Cooperative


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